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copy and pasted directly from my post on the FR forums because i’m a lazy piece of shit who needs to light a fire under this project

Okay, so due to a series of increasingly bizarre circumstances, I’ve found myself writing a script for a machinima. Basically, a person I follow wants to produce/create a machinima, but doesn’t want to write the story. I thought I’d take a crack at script writing, and we decided it would be a win-win situation.

All you need to know before I link you to the script is this:

  • The series is designed to be ten episodes
  • I am actually competing against about four or five other people to have my script accepted
  • This is my first time, like, EVER, writing anything that wasn’t poetry or prose

And I’m currently not asking for critique, but rather, feedback. The difference is, I’m not currently interested in having my script torn apart, rather having it read and hearing from you if you like it or not, and your explanation. If something confuses you, tell me!

The document itself IS a bit lengthy, mostly because I also included character descriptions, character development, character outlines, plot outline for all ten episodes, a foreword, and setting descriptions. Fortunately for you, all I want to hear back about is the script itself, none of the flashy stuff. However, if you feel driven to read the whole thing, feel free to, just understand that this is only my third draft, and I still need around two or three more revisions in order to be entirely confident in it.

So, without further ado, here’s a link to the script: x Go to the fifth page, and that is where the script begins.

Do feel free to tell me what you think of things as you read it, because you totally aren’t obliged to finish it! I just don’t have a lot of friends who would care about reading this, and thought this forum would be a good place for feedback. Thanks!


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