»Making A .gif on Photoshop CS6

What You’ll Need:
  • Photoshop CS6
  • WonderShare Youtube Downloader (Link here: [x])
  • Patience
  • A Mac (Because I’m not sure if the WonderShare software works for PCs)
  • Did I mention patience?

First, you’re going to want to get the WonderShare software, and if I remember correctly, it’ll link you to the browser extension, which you must download as well. After that, you can open any YouTube video you want. Hover over the video part, and a black button should pop up. It looks like this:

When you click it, WonderShare should open and it will Analyze and then Download the video. When it is done, it will show up in your “Downloaded” tab, which will look somewhat like this:

Hover over the thumbnail, and there should be a play button. Click that, and a video player will open up. Your screen will now look like this:

Click the little green “+” on the top left of the player, and it should become bigger. Once you’ve done that, get to the part of the video you want to gif. I am capturing 00:30 to roughly 00:35. Get to the beginning of the segment and pause the video. At the bottom right of the player, there is a camera button.

Press play, and click the camera at rapid intervals (but not too rapid, or it will freeze). The program should make a clicking noise when you capture it. Continue clicking until you reach the end of the segment you want. You are done with the program, and can quit it. Now go to your Finder (or whatever the equivalent is) and go to “Desktop”. All the caps should be there, and it should look like this (I zoomed out, only so I could get all the caps in the picture):

Now this is the time-consuming part. PhotoShop only opens .jpeg files, so you’re going to have to go through and convert all the images from .png to .jpg, by right clicking it and choosing “Get Info….” from the pop-up menu. It should now look like this:

In the box below “Name & Extensions:”, go to the end of the name and change “.png” to “.jpg”. When you exit out of the info box, it will ask you if you want to keep the .jpg extension. Press “I Accept” or “Okay”, and repeat this with all of the caps. It should now look like this:

Now that you’ve got that, you probably don’t want them clogging up your desktop, so  (this part is optional!) copy and paste them into a new folder. Once you have, you can delete them from the desktop folder. Now, we get to the fun stuff. Open up Photoshop. Go under “File>Scripts>Load Files into Stack”, which looks like this:

Now click it, and a box should pop up. Click it, and then “Browse”, and go to wherever you have the caps. Select them all, and click “Open”. You should now be looking at this:

Click “Ok”, and then give Photoshop a minute to load the layers, and now you should see something similar to this:

Now on the little Timeline at the bottom, there should be, to the furthest right, a little button. Click it, and there should be a menu. Then click “Make Frames From Layers”

Once you’ve done that (which might also take a minute, you will see this:

Now you’ve got an (unsaved) gif. To change the speed, click the little menu you opened to make the frames, and click “Select All Layers”

Then go to the bottom of ONE of the frames, which look like this:

and click the part that says “0 sec” and adjust it accordingly. To test the speed, press the play button at the bottom:

and the gif will show. As soon as you are happy with the timing, you are almost done with your gif! This one isn’t going to have a PSD, so I won’t include it in the tutorial. But once you’ve reached the point with which you are happy with the GIF, go to “File>Save For Web”

And a window should pop up.

Make sure it is 500px wide, which you adjust by changing the number in the top box of the section that says “Image Size” to 500— but you still aren’t done! Click the drop down menu at the top and click “Optimize to File Size”

Now in the box that pops up, type 1000 in the box next to the K and then click “Ok”. Your gif is almost ready! Click “Save….” and give it a name,

click “Save”, and you are good to go!

This was my finished product:

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